10 Port Multi-Charger

10 Port Multi-Charger

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10 Port USB Multi-Charger for Handhelds and Collars

10 USB ports to charge multiple units at once. **Multi charger style may differ from picture

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10 Port Multi-Charger
10 Port Multi-Charger



    Quick Overview

    10 Port USB Multi-Charger for Handhelds and Collars

    The 10 port USB Multi-Charger, a game changer for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts who rely on technology in the field. With so many devices to keep charged - from handhelds and training collars to GPS tracking collars, lights, cell phones, tablets, cameras, and more - it can be a daunting task to manage them all. But fear not, with the 10 port USB Multi-Charger, you can now charge multiple devices at the same time, all in one space.

    The hunting world is increasingly reliant on technology, and it's not uncommon for sportsmen to carry at least two tech devices on them at any one time while in the field. And if you are like me and have a pack of hunting dogs with GPS collars, that number only goes up. The 10 port USB Multi-Charger is designed to keep you and your dog's devices fully charged for the hunt, with its ability to charge multiple collars and handhelds at the same time.

    This product is ideal for anyone looking to charge multiple devices at one time and all in one space. With 10 ports, you can keep all of your devices organized and ready to go, so you can get your dogs out into the woods faster. And with its versatile design, this charger can be used for any device that uses a USB for charging.

    It's important to note that while split adapters are sold separately and can be used to charge even more devices, using too many in one port will reduce your charging speed. So, it's best to use the 10 port USB Multi-Charger as intended to maximize its charging efficiency.

    Additionally, if you need the power cable for your Full Size Garmin TT15, TT10, or T5 collars, you can choose from the drop-down box to purchase just power cables or power cables and clips.

    Say goodbye to the hassle of managing multiple chargers and cords and hello to the convenience of the 10 port USB Multi-Charger. Keep your devices charged and ready to go for your next hunting trip or outdoor adventure with this must-have accessory.


     Use this Multi-Charger for any device that uses a USB for charging:

    • Handhelds
    • Training Collars
    • Tracking Collars
    • Lights
    • Cell Phones
    • Tablets
    • Cameras
    • and more!
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