Jason Duby - Director: Customer Relations and Communications

Jason Duby

Jason started with the Double U team back in February 2017. As previous owner / operator of Plum Tree Hound Supply, Jason knows what it takes to keep all of you in the woods where you belong. From taking your orders, to tech-support and everything in between Jason is always ready to help keep you and your hounds equipped with everything you need.

Jason lives in Southern Oregon with his wife Dani and their two boys Colin and Connor. While he spends most of his free time pleasure hunting his hounds he also enjoys salmon and steelhead fishing the rogue River during the off season. If there is an open season, chances are he's hunting or fishing. From varmints to big game he loves it all the same.

Jason also loves traveling the country and meeting fellow sportsman. Whether he's traveling to a fundraising banquet or a hunt somewhere across the US, he loves being around other Houndsmen and fighting for the preservation of our sport. Jason has sat on the board of directors for several Pro hound groups and nonprofit organizations. He believes if we're going to preserve our sport and traditions we have to roll up our sleeves and get to work, together!

As the Director of Customer Relations and Communciations Jason leads the team with a focus on our relationship we have built with our customers.  There are many channels of connecting with Double U,  Jason ensures that our team continues to meet and exceed our customers expectations.