Banixx Pet Care Spray

Banixx Pet Care Spray

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Quick Overview

Banixx Pet Care Spray - 8oz. bottle

Quick effective first aid in the recovery of bacterial and fungal infections

Hot Spots - Ringworm - Ear Infection - Wounds 


Quick Overview

Banixx Pet Care Spray - 8 oz Spray Bottle

Banixx Pet Care Spray is intended for wounds, skin issues, bites and dermatitis. It is suitable for all pets. Quick, effective aid in the recovery of bacterial & fungal infections. For all skin problems such as; wounds, hot spots, punctures, skin fungus, burns, dog bits, insect bites from spiders, fleas or ticks, and ear infections.

Directions: Clean wound with plain water. Apply Banixx liberally 2 to 3 times daily to affected area for 6-8 days or as needed.

Non irritating formula contains no colors, odors, steroids or antibiotics

Active Ingredients: 2.5% Hydronium Solution - NOT intended for Human use. 

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