Buddy Woodberry - Owner

Buddy Woodberry
The Woodberry Family

Buddy and Laura Woodberry started Double U Hunting Supply 13 years ago, beginning with decals and gradually expanding to a full line of dog hunting supplies. Passionate about providing quality products to his customers, Buddy is also a passionate houndsman, and during the season, you can find Buddy and Laura chasing bobcats with their dogs.

Buddy has an associate’s degree in electronics from Heald College, and 14 years of experience working as a senior product development technician at Intel (1998-2011). Most of Buddy's work was with the high-end server chipset team. Some key accomplishments during his career at Intel included providing design and product validation, as well as testing customer line failures. In layman’s terms, Buddy explains, "The design engineers would build it and we would try to break it for them."

He enjoyed his career at one of the largest and most advanced companies in the world, and although he was sad to leave such a great company with so many good memories and friends, Buddy says he doesn't regret the decision.

Buddy and Laura decided he should quit Intel late in 2011 to devote his full attention to Double U. At that time, the Woodberrys didn't have a clue how well customers would support the company and help Double U grow. Now, they say it's heartwarming and humbling to realize they are building a reputation and a brand doing something they are passionate about.

Laura and Buddy have two children. They also have a few dogs, and regularly attempt to “hunt cats” with them. As with all houndsmen, things can change quickly, but currently the Woodberrys have 4 hounds.

Buddy is always checking emails, and thinking and working on Double U. It’s a challenge for him to slow down and shut off the computer and enjoy his kids and hounds, but he knows life is too short to miss time with the young ones. So, if you can't reach Buddy, hopefully it's because he made time to go play in the yard with his kids or enjoy some down time in the woods camping and hunting with his whole family.

We wholeheartedly enjoy working with all of our customers. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to call and ask for Buddy.