Dogtra Pathfinder GPS Track + Train E-Collar and Handheld

Dogtra Pathfinder GPS Track + Train E-Collar and Handheld

Quick Overview

If you’re looking for a less expensive system that has the capability to track up to 21 different dogs or hunters, the Dogtra Pathfinder GPS collar could be a good option for you. Just download the Pathfinder App to your smartphone, pair the collar and receiver, and you’re ready to hit the woods.


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Quick Overview

The Dogtra Pathfinder merges e-collar and GPS tracking technology in an easy-to-use system that connects right to your smartphone. You’ll be able to track your dogs right from your phone!

The Pathfinder dog tracking device is a very easy system to use, and comes ready to go right out of the box. Once you’ve downloaded the Pathfinder App, you’ll be able to quickly navigate between map, compass, or training.

Features of the Pathfinder App

The Pathfinder utilizes a mapping system based off of Google Maps, giving you a very clear satellite image. If you will be hunting in areas without cellular service, you’ll need to download offline maps. The time it takes to download offline maps will vary depending on how large of an area you are trying to download, so remember to do this prior to your hunt, while you have a strong internet connection.

The Pathfinder App relies on the same intuitive navigation as most smartphones. You can adjust the zoom level on the map by simply using two fingers to expand or pinch the screen. If you want to pan the map, press and hold your finger on the screen of your mobile device and you will be able to reposition the map. Should you need to re-center your location on the screen, just touch the “location” icon and the map will re-center around your current position.

The compass page is also user friendly, allowing you to see a single dog or a group selected from your dog list. The easy-to-read display makes navigating a breeze.

Training is also very simple with the Pathfinder. There are two separate icons to tone or stimulate a dog on the training screen within the Pathfinder App, and to adjust the stimulation level, just slide the stimulation bar from left to right.

You’ll be able to send stimulation signals continuously or momentarily, referred to as constant or nick stimulation. This allows you to rapidly get your dog’s attention with a quick nick, or apply a longer correction for training situations. You can also lock the training screen to prevent accidental activation.

The Dogtra Pathfinder’s geo-fence is an added bonus feature that you can activate simply by selecting a perimeter on the map. With up to 15 boundary points, you will be able to set a geo-fence with endless options of size or shape. Once the receiver or the dog collar leaves or re-enters the set boundaries, you will receive a notification and audio alert on your mobile device. This is a very valuable tool when hunting private property or close to heavily traveled roads.

Features of the Pathfinder Collar

The Pathfinder dog tracking collar is very similar to other GPS collars on the market and will adjust to fit nearly any dog. It has a user-replaceable 1-inch wide strap so that you can customize the device with any color collar strap you’d like. It also has an external transmitter chip for extended range, up to 9 miles.

While the Dogtra Pathfinder may not be for everyone, it is a valid tracking option for those working on a tight budget. Purchase yours today.

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