Garmin Astro/Alpha Long Range Edge Mount Browning Antenna

Garmin Astro/Alpha Long Range Edge Mount Browning Antenna

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NMO Edge mount for Garmin Alpha or Astro.

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Vehicle Antenna Frequency Cut ChartThe extra-long 49" whip extends your tracking range even further. This antenna can be mounted in several different locations. This is commonly used as a trunk mount; however it will work on the edge of most hoods, many bumpers, or the edges of a dog box. You can also use an L-Bracket and mount to that.

This mount is much more durable in the brush and is also one of the easier mounts to remove from your hound rig if needed.

Using an NMO mount antenna cut to the the frequency that the Garmin Alpha or Astro uses will give you the best range. 

Select which connector type you prefer below.

14 ft of cable

If you are looking for an antenna that can be used for both Marine and the Alpha or Astro, Please Select the PL-259 connector with the Adapter  which will allow you to connect it to the Alpha or Astro.

Choose to add a spring for additional flexibility to minimize the chance of your antenna whip snapping

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