Used Garmin PRO Trashbreaker System

Used Garmin PRO Trashbreaker System

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Used Garmin Trashbreaker 30 Day Warranty!  Includeds Pro Trashbreaker handheld, 1x TB10 collar receiver, wall charger w/collar charging clip and split adapter cable.

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The Trashbreaker has been a staple tool for the hound hunter for a while, Now Garmin has juiced up the system to allow hunters to train more dogs at longer ranges.

The New Garmin Trashbreaker can now train anywhere from 1 to 9 different dogs using the Same Technology as the Alpha system can not train up to 4 miles away!

That’s three more dogs twice as far as any other electronic dog training system on the market with the exception of the Garmin Alpha. 

with the New Garmin PRO series the transmitters all keep the same feel as the G3/G2 system with easy to use training features of the Tri-Tronics Training systems, using 6 continuous stimulation levels plus a tone.

Here are some of the differences with the Garmin Trashbreaker PRO

  • Remote beacon lights
  • Built in BarkLimiter,
  • Long Range Antenna
  • Collars are slightly smaller and use a 3/4 inch collar


Garmin training your dogs a lot more enjoyable for you and your neighbors.


The Garmin PRO Trashbreaker with Tri-Tronics® technology allows intuitive one-hand training and control of up to 9 dogs (additional dog device collarspurchased separately) from up to 4 miles away, depending on terrain. The top-mounted selection dial provides 6 levels of stimulation intensity and tonesetting for adjustability without complexity. The remote controlled LED beacon lights on the dog device help you locate your dog in low light situations. Andthe built-in BarkLimiter™, activated on the dog device, helps with kennel control and keeping the peace at home.

Buddy's Quick Review Pro Trashbreaker:

While we've always been a Fan of the Trashbreaker model by Tri-Tronics we feel that the Garmin Line Pro Trashbreaker falls a bit short from from our expectations.   Although we we would have developed this product a bit different for our customers and their needs ,  It is still the longest range Training system on the market.   I personally think one should really take a good look at the Alpha Product line before purchasing the Trashbreaker.

Long Distance training ability
Ability to connect this to any alpha antenna for best distance.
Expandable to 9 Dogs.
Antenna can be chewed on by Pup's and dogs
Not Compatable with any other Pro Collars.
Price per each additional collar.
Does not include
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