Garmin® T9 Tracking Collar

Garmin® T9 Tracking Collar

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Garmin® T9 Tracking Collar


The Garmin T9 Tracking Collar is only compatible with the Astro 900 GPS Handheld, Fenix watches, and Drivetrack vehicle GPS screens

This product is NOT compatible with any other Garmin Tracking Equipment


Quick Overview

Garmin® T9 Tracking Collar

The all new Garmin T9 collar is the first Garmin Dog Tracking system to operate on the 900 MHz FHSS signal. That makes the Garmin T9 collar fully approved for use in Canada and the U.S. Featuring a top-mount and high-sensitivity GPS/GLONASS receiver and update rates as fast as 2.5 seconds, the T9 tracking collar is an ideal choice for all types hunting dogs.

Key features of the Garmin T9 Collar

  • • Rescue Mode initiates a battery conservation mode after reaching 25% of the batteries remaining charge
  • • Improved GPS signal with T9 Garmin Tracking Collar.
  • • Collar tracks additional satellites known as GLONASS (Russian GPS satellites)
  • • Proven effective design feature: Top mounted GPS receiver
  • • Easy Tool-less Strap Replacement, Double U Hunting Supply has many colors to choose from.
  • • Water Resistant up to 10 meters

What comes in the box?

• Garmin T9 Track Only Collar

• Garmin T9 Vehicle Charger

• Garmin T9 Home Charger

• Garmin T9 Pigtail Charging Clip

• Garmin Astro T9 Quick Reference Guide Owner’s Manual

Please note that the Garmin T9 collar is ONLY COMPATIBLE with the Garmin Astro 900, and CAN NOT be used with other Astro series trackers.

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