K-Light "The Zoom"

K-Light "The Zoom"

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K-Light "The Zoom".

Quick Overview

K-Light "The Zoom"

"The Zoom" by Klight is the first true zoomable Cap and Pocket Light!!! We will have a video soon to show you the abilities of this light!! It can zoom out to a very large spot and then tighten up to a laser like spot with the simple twist of your hand. You are given the choice to choose what size spot you want at anytime. This features is available on all settings and colors. We have designed this light to have a Low White, Med White and a High White, then a Warm Yellow on High, Green and Red. These options allow everyone to enjoy their favorite setting for their current activity!! The versatility of this light is uncanning you will be amazed at the range you can reach with your light on any setting. This is a all around Coonhunting, Hoghunting, Predator Hunting light!!! The First Zoomable Cap/Pocket Light The First offered with both High White and High Warm yellow in One light And just wait till you see the Brightness on all settings!!!! For my predator hunters wait till you see The Reach on all colors!!!



Review: ByJason Duby, Double U Pro Staff

In the hunting light industry, it seems like every time you turn a corner there's a new "latest and greatest". Brighter lumens, longer burn times, assorted colors, etc., but how often does somebody come out with the light that is truly sets itself apart from everything else on the market? Not just another gimmick trying to boost sales, but something that truly lives up to its promises. Allow me to introduce "The Zoom" by Kelly's K – light.

 The idea of an adjustable beam was not something I was very receptive to. We've had fixed beam lights for as long as we can all remember why change it now? I just knew that I was not going to like this light from the beginning. At least that’s what I thought until I tried it.

Right off the bat before I even turned the light on there were two things that stood out.

Number one, it has a larger diameter power cord than most heads. It just looked like a stronger set up than a lot of its competitors. Now we all know that your power cord is not to be used as a carry handle but let’s be honest, that's what we use it for. I've been packing this light through all kinds a country over the last couple months. It's been drug in and out of the passenger seat God knows how many times over my elk, mule deer, and now hound season. Yes that's right, this light is not just for Coonhunters! I literally have used it every day. From chores around the kennel to climbing out of canyons it's the right tool for the job. It's held up to briars, junipers, manzanita and anything else I could throw it's way with ease. No power flickers or bad connections

The second thing that really jumped out was the quality of the soft cap. It's a heavy duty weather resistant cap that just feels tough. I like a stiffer soft cap that can hold the weight of head/battery pack. I really like the balance of the zoom. It's also a light that does not feel bulky on your head. There is also a bump cap available if you prefer.

Now to the meat and potatoes, the adjustable head unit. The zoom has a very nice, wide beam when adjusted in the flood focus. Even in the standard widebeam I would put this light up against any of the competition and it will hold its own. There are three levels of bright white LED, one high level of soft yellow, a single high level of green LED and also a single high level of red. I personally prefer an off-white or color LED for spotting game. To me it's a huge plus to have both these options in addition to your bright white. But to focus in on the cool part of this head unit just give it a turn. A simple counterclockwise turn and you can start tightening the beam to a spot. No more problems pointing out that Coon the judge with the zoom. The other thing I really like about the beam is that it does throw a nice halo which really helps me and my peripherals. I've been known to be a little clumsy in the woods and it seems to help me with my balance quite a bit. The best part is you can adjust the beam with one hand, and it stays put. No accidental adjustments when you bump it in the brush.

When it comes to burn time there's plenty of it. On the low setting you get up to 50 hours. Mine lasted through a weeklong deer and elk season without a recharge. When it's time to crank up the heat you get up to 10 hours on high, which is more than I have ever needed. “The Zoom” is rechargeable by your wall outlet or the supplied USB 12v charger.

As a whole, it's a very solid unit that is comfortable to wear. The zoom is a true crossover light that can be used for all types of hunting as well as everything else you can think of. It's not very often someone sees an opportunity to reinvent the wheel, but Sandra and the team at k light hit the nail on the head with “The Zoom”

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