Stainless Heavy Duty (Tuff Skin) antenna - Original version

Stainless Heavy Duty (Tuff Skin) antenna - Original version

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Double U has worked directly with the manufacturer of Tuff Skin antennas in order to bring a new and improved dog tracking antenna onto the market. These antennas are rigid enough to get maximum transmission, while also remaining flexible to withstand time in the field. We offer a 2-year guarantee on all of our Tuff Skin dog tracking antennas.

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Tuff Skin Antennas


Here at Double U, there is nothing more important than our customers. That’s why we only carry products that we can confidently put our name behind. They must be products that can stand the test of time and be of true value to our customers. Our wish is for you to spend more time doing what we all love and less time stressing about gear. We have you covered.

The Double U staff has put a lot of time and testing into our Tuff Skin antennas for dog tracking collars. In the past, we received several reports of the Tuff Skin antenna snapping due to its stiffness. To combat this problem, we've worked with the cable company to create and find a solution.

Today, we feel we offer a truly superior dog tracking antenna that holds its rigidness but doesn't snap from excessive flexing back and forth.

The Tuff Skin dog tracking antenna is sturdy and still flexible enough to slide through the brush and briars while keeping its original form. Our Tuff Skin antenna stays properly placed for maximum range and communication.

They are made with marine grade stainless steel cable which eliminates the risk of corrosion and the new, innovative coating is more resistant to cuts and breaking. The crimps are stronger than ever, so that the eyelets won’t pull out.

But just to make sure our customers know they are purchasing the best dog tracking antenna on the market, we have also given them a full 2-year guarantee against any breakage!

With our Tuff Skin antenna’s 2-year guarantee, we will replace your broken antenna for any physical breakage. While the 2-year guarantee does not cover damage caused by chewing, it does cover any breakage in the cable or eyelet. We will replace your antenna and you are only responsible for the $5 shipping fee.

The Tuff Skin antenna fits all Garmin Tracking Collars. 

The full-sized antenna is approximately 22 inches, and the mini size is approximately 18 inches. Every antenna has a protective coating and is capped on the end.

With a Tuff Skin antenna on your dog tracking collar, you can hunt with confidence. Not only because it’s the best antenna on the market, but because it has the DU Team standing behind it. Get your Tuff Skin dog tracking antenna today.


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