Tactical Hunting First Aid Kit

Tactical Hunting First Aid Kit

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Quick Overview

Tactical First Aid Kit to care for your hounds and yourself in the field.


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Quick Overview

When you're out in the field serious injuries can occur. That's when a quality and versatile first aid kit can be a real life saver. This trauma kit includes specialty items such as Celox for quick blood clotting, a SWAT-T tourniquet for slowing major blood loss, and Isreali emergency bandage/trauma for use as a pressure dressing. Also included upgrades in this kit is an Anti-Diarrheal medication and Burn Gel.

Supply List:



(3) Celox Hemostatic Agent (2 GM)*

(1) Isreali Emergency Bandage/Trauma Dressing (4")*

(1) SWAT-T Tourniquet* 

Wound Care/Burn

(1) Disposable Skin Stapler w/35 wide Stainless Steel Staples

(1) Disposable Skin Stapler Remover

(1) Irrigation Syringe (10 ML)

(1) Irrigating Eyewash (4 FL OZ)

(2) Burn Gel (1/8 OZ)*

(1) Krinkle Gauze Roll (4.5"x 4.1 YDS)

(1) Medical Tape (1"x 10 YDS)

(2) 2-PK Surgical Sponges (4"x 4")

(2) ABD Pad (5"x9")

(5) Fabric Bandage (1"x3")

(5) Butterfly Bandage (3/8"x1-5/8")

(3) Povidone Iodine Swabstick

(2) Bacterial BZK Wipes (5"x 7")

(2) 2-PK Cotton Tipped Wood Applicators (6")


(1) Moldable Splint (4.25"x 36")*

(1) Co-Flex Compression Bandage (4"x 5 YDS)

(1) Instant Cold Pack (6"x 8")

 Medical Instruction/Instruments

(1) Field Guide to Dog First Aid by Randy Acker

(1) Digital Thermometer

(1) Stainless Steel Orange EMT Shears (7 1/4")

(1) Stainless Steel Straight Forceps (5")


(12) Loperamide Anti-Diarrheal (2 MG)*

(1) 3% Hydrogen Peroxide (8 FL OZ)

(8) Diphenhydramine Antihistamine (25 MG)

(4) 2-PK Aspirin Tablets (325 MG)

(4) 2-PK Ibuprofen Tablets (200 MG)

(2) 100% Grade A Honey

(1) Triple Antibiotic Ointment (1 oz) 


(2) Exam Gloves

(1) Mylar Rescue/Thermal Blanket (52"x 84")


(1) DU Supply Roll

*Available ONLY in the Tactical First Aid Kit

NOTE: We reserve the right to add, substitute, or remove items if necessary. Items pictured may vary.

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